K when we all graduate, and maybe before because makimoo you are in science and that take slonger than baking cookies, but we are all getting a big apartemnet together, but it wont have any walls except for the bathroom cause i like to poop in peace, and we will have our beds side by side but with like hospital styled curtains (like hp? do they have them in other hospitals?) around our beds so if someone is up late blogging or doing homework (also like hp, do they have this in our shcools??) the light wont bother everyone and we will all collab and agree on a sleeping and waking up playlist to play and like we will maybe make sure to socialize somehow at least once a month so we dont become complete hermits.

oh and it will be FILLED with pillows and blankets and we will have one dresser filled with clothes we can all share and we will have weekly movie night and watch all our face tv shows togther. and meaghan, ou may brain wash me with TW